Communication in on-campus classes

Module 2  is all about the importance of effective communication skills in face-to-face teaching. The five chapters show how to communicate best in class and how to develop effective communication skills in the teaching process:

  1. Communication is like a large ocean
  2. Storytelling in teaching
  3. Two-sided communication
  4. Inspiring discussions in class
  5. Intercultural communication and competence

With the roles of teachers shifting from imparting knowledge to guiding students, classroom communication has undergone major changes as well. The Module introduces communication concepts, showing how to apply theory to practice. Storytelling, particularly, is a powerful teaching tool in order to present teaching material more effectively and increase students’ attention.

The iLab manual Module 2 offers you additional information, useful links and helpful suggestions for Module 2 to enrich your teaching. Based on the cBook it can be used in everyday teaching to deepen some topics or in combination with the iLab (innovation Lab). The iLab is the two-day on-site training course of #Teaching2030, either provided by a project team member or organized in a self-directed way by university teachers. The iLab gives you the opportunity to try out new approaches, methods and competencies from the cBook.

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