The eight modules of the course will provide you with the skills necessary for successful teaching in the future. Click on the Modules to start you learning experience with Teaching2030! 

Module 1: The role of teachers in 2030
Module 2: Communication in on-campus classes
Module 3: Designing on-campus training
Module 4: Creation and use of e-learning materials
Module 5: Teaching with social networks
Module 6: Writing skills for the web
Module 7: Teaching in virtual classrooms
Module 8: Developing a blended learning course

cBook and iLab

The blended-learning course is set up in a cBook and an iLab. The cBook (computer book) is an innovative web-based training programme with interactive exercises. Each module takes 30 minutes to complete, including additional tasks for self-study. The course is easily accessible and free of charge; you can use it as a MOOC or in combination with the iLab.

The iLab (innovation lab) is a two-day on-site training course that is offered in addition to each module, allowing you to try out new approaches, skills and e-technologies under the supervision of a #teaching2030 project team member. The iLab gives you the chance to add additional exercises and tools according to your specific needs.


The cBook and iLab are based on the concept of storytelling. Each module is integrated into a story with plot points and an arc of suspense. In other words, the eight modules tell a story of what teaching will be like in the future. You will meet two teachers, Lucia and Marko, who will guide you through your learning experiences in a kind of stage-play. The cBook will provide you with a variety of e-learning tools like explanatory videos, video presentations of our project team, sequences, interactive exercises, text charts, multiple choice exercises, drag & drop exercises, memory cards, word clouds, hotspots and many more. This approach will make learning fun!