Developing a blended learning course

Module 8 wraps up and summarises the previous Modules, supporting teachers in developing an effective blended learning course. The five chapters focus on the following key topics:

  1. The philosophy of blended learning
  2. Teaching the next generation
  3. How to blend different teaching methods successfully
  4. Getting ready for teaching a successful blended learning course
  5. Promoting blended learning courses

Developing a blended learning course requires not only knowledge of the most innovative tools available to teachers today, but also the ability to mix appropriate tools and tasks. For this purpose, it is equally important to know the audience, its characteristics and needs. The Module also shows how blended learning courses can be shared with colleagues, promoting the exchange of best practices and ideas.

The iLab manual Module 8 offers you additional information, useful links and helpful suggestions for Module 8 to enrich your teaching. Based on the cBook it can be used in everyday teaching to deepen some topics or in combination with the iLab (innovation Lab). The iLab is the two-day on-site training course of #Teaching2030, either provided by a project team member or organized in a self-directed way by university teachers. The iLab gives you the opportunity to try out new approaches, methods and competencies from the cBook.

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