Teaching with social networks

Social networks have become a vital part in our everyday lives, and education is no exception. Module 5 discusses how social networks can be used as effective teaching instruments. The five chapters focus on the following key topics:

  1. Social networks as teaching tools
  2. Social networks as innovative teaching instruments
  3. How to use social media for collaboration
  4. User generated contents of social networks
  5. Risks and challenges when implementing social networks

Module 5 focuses on two functions of social networks: the role of collaboration and the creation of user generated contents. The Module shows how teachers can use social networks for collaborative learning and discusses in what way they can implement user generated contents in their teaching. It also highlights the risks and challenges users need to be aware of when implementing social networks in the teaching and learning process.

The iLab manual Module 5 offers you additional information, useful links and helpful suggestions for Module 5 to enrich your teaching. Based on the cBook it can be used in everyday teaching to deepen some topics or in combination with the iLab (innovation Lab). The iLab is the two-day on-site training course of #Teaching2030, either provided by a project team member or organized in a self-directed way by university teachers. The iLab gives you the opportunity to try out new approaches, methods and competencies from the cBook.

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